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For years, group job hunting has been a best kept secret that only a select few ever seem to enjoy. With a success rate of 84%, group job hunting is based on a very simple concept: Job seekers helping each other through the job search process by forming an alliance. They can share contacts and resources as well as support each other with the knowledge they have picked up along the way. Well now the concept of group job hunting has hit the social media scene!

Maybe you keep hearing about social networking, but you just can't figure out how to use it. Not only do we provide a social network at www.noddleplace.com just for job seekers, but we also provide great resources on how to use other sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

With your FREE registration, you can put together a profile that does two things: (1) advertises your background and the type of job you are seeking as well as (2) highlights areas where you may be able to assist someone else in their search. Plus, you can participate in lively forum discussions, join specialized groups, read through all kinds of great advice from a certified job search coach, and obtain lots of valuable resources, some free and some for a low cost.

To learn more about how this exciting new site, come visit us at NoddlePlace.com or at ITtechExec.com.